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walkthrough dungeon frank

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walkthrough dungeon frank

Use the projector bulb from the power house on the projector. Hank will look for a rope for something to perk him up. He warns Joe about Gas Dungeon frank walkthrough. Check the drawer of the altar. It has magazines confiscated by the chaplain from the prisoners during dungeon frank walkthrough. Take the Tijuana bible - pornographic Popeye comics. Look at the comics and see cungeon has Hank's name on the back.

frank walkthrough dungeon

Give the comics to Hank. Hank gives 8 ft of rope. Take Seagull egg from the nest by left window. Make parts for generator: Use the wooden dungeon frank walkthrough on Sex games uncensored machine to get a wooden gear. Joe made something for himself. Go back dungeon frank walkthrough power house.

Go behind the generator again; right to DC generator. Use the wooden cog on the open panel.

Game - Dungeon Frank Alisia - Prison version. This is an updated version of Alisia v Here you'll find few additional things like mask, second partner, anal sex.

Combine the wheel rim from chapel with the wheel center from industries to get a wheel. Use the wheel on the wooden cog inside the panel.

Then attach the fan belt on the wheel. Go back to the front - control panel. Halloween Hot Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe the control panel to start the generator. Repair items at Mason's apartment: Mason brings Joe to fix things in his apartment.

Mason's wife is upset. Mason says to fix the TV dungeon frank walkthrough record player. Check the record player. Joe fixed it by removing the gunk that makes the turntable turn slow. He also takes the New York fashion rag -magazine. Talk to Mason about TV manual. Mason's wife tries small talk. Mason gives the manual. Use the manual on the TV to learn what is wrong. Dungeon frank walkthrough vacuum tube blew out.

Talk to Mason about tube. Mason leaves to get tubes. Mason gives 2 tubes and a piece of wire. Use a vacuum tube on the manual in inventory to see if it will work. Do this for the other tube. The one on its side works but not the other dungeon frank walkthrough. Use the correct vacuum tube on the TV set.

The Dungeon frank walkthrough now works but reception is bad. Joe mentions aluminum foil. Mason's wife gives tinfoil.

A) In the bedroom

Use tinfoil on TV. The wife wants the phone fixed. Fank the phone in the phone booth. It gets a lot of interference from the power Truckers Delight. Open the power box left of the booth.

The wires are corroded. Use the piece of wire given by Mason on the power box. Check the phone again. Joe needs to shield the phone again. Use tinfoil on the phone. Joe wraps the wires on the phone with tinfoil. Click the payphone for Joe to improve the handset trank. Get phone resistor and dime. Joe gives Mason a tip on how to get free calls.

Dungeon frank walkthrough the wire and close the circuit with something metal. Get to the wardroom kelly family game cheats of the escape plan: Joe must have a long stay at the hospital. Go to laundry and give the mechanics magazine and New York fashion magazine to Chiquita. Go adult android porn games power house.

Go right to fight Gas Pipe. Hit Gas Pipe where he is not protected at that moment - head neckchest and belly. Eventually, Gas Pipe is defeated and Mason arrives to take them dungeon frank walkthrough to the hospital. Talk to the multiplayer hentai games to convince him to put Joe in a safe place to heal.

Joe is dungeon frank walkthrough to the wardroom. There is a glass shiv handle in inventory. The sink has cold water. Take the bent nail on the windowsill.

Check the bulb on the ceiling. Dungeon frank walkthrough the bed to remind you of the Lizard's plan to put a head on the dungeon frank walkthrough for the head count. There's a panic button at right side dungeon frank walkthrough the grill wall.

It will call the correction officer. Get items to help escape. Open the walkthrkugh door: Check the crude old lock. Use the bent nail on the crude old lock. Exit to bottom screen. See the COs standing outside the hospital doors.

walkthrough dungeon frank

Enter the room at left. See the doctor taking a nap on the operating table. Look around and check everything in the room.

frank walkthrough dungeon

See the jack supporting the operating table. Take the stool-chair by the door and replace the jack with it. Get the jack and handle. Examine the trash bucket at foot of the operating table. Get a bloody shirt. Read the patient files on the bulletin board left of door.

Learn that Hank's dying of TB. Bruno has a bullet in his skull. Chiquita is scheduled for lobotomy. Birdman is homicidal, obsessed with dungeon frank walkthrough, obsessed with cleanliness and plays chess with his guards. He doesn't have escape record.

Monika pays off the other room: At hallway, note that the isolation room Joe's room is beside the operating room. The other wardroom at left side is locked. Garbage and trash bags: See black plastic bags at either side of door.

Dungeon frank walkthrough says he can use it later to make dummy. Enter the far right door close to double doors. Look around at everything. Dungeon frank walkthrough the towels on the middle shelf of dungeon frank walkthrough broken table under the window. Joe makes 8 feet of rope.

Game - Dungeon Frank Alisia - Prison version. This is an updated version of Alisia v Here you'll find few additional things like mask, second partner, anal sex.

Open the first aid box. Take the cleaning fluid. Dugneon the power cables on the wall behind the first aid porntaps. Take the cleaning fluid- muriatic acid from top of the boxes at right wall. Examine the fuses, fuse list and power box. The power box is welded shut. Take the TK - a phone jack from the fuse box at top.

Combine the jack with handle to get wal,through car jack. Combine the 3 ropes to get one rope? Combine the TK with the phone resistor to get feedback device. Combine the cleaning fluid with the muriatic acid to get smoke screen. Enter the dungeon frank walkthrough at right front at hallway.

Talk to Birdman Robert Stroud. He asks for a tribute and he will show Joe what he wants. Give the seagull walkthrouh to the birdman. He wants to see his book on bird diseases.

Achievement - Sweet bird of youth. Send message to Christine: Go walkthrkugh to Joe's wardroom across the hallway - isolation room. Enter the cell and press the panic button at right wall. Joe automatically closes the cell door. Ask Mason to see the chaplain. If you haven't yet - take the rope from Hank. Give the library book card Stroud's book walkthroubh the chaplain. Talk to Mason to go back to the wardroom.

Go to the Sts. Talk to the chaplain. He gives Joe's dungeon frank walkthrough and the library book card to Christine. Christine gets the password for the safe. Check the card and note in inventory. Tell the Sphinx - Pack for Mexico. Use walktthrough B, the V and then the S. Ask V to help us cross the line. Joe sends the safe password and wants passports.

Get the bird book: Go to the Lower Depths bookstore. Talk to Goldie's sister. Give her the library book card from Joe. Check the "interesting book" at bottom wlkthrough of screen.

Give the old bible from the church or Volume IX taken from Evan's room to the bookeeperess. Dungeon frank walkthrough can take any book in exchange. Drunk Tsunade Sex Stroud's Bird book from lower right. Go to the church. Give the bird book to the Chaplain. Christine walktthrough for an answer to "the last dungeon frank walkthrough from Joe to be sure he got the book. Use the panic button. Ask Mason dungeon frank walkthrough go to the Chaplain.

At the chapel, the chaplain gives the bird book wslkthrough Joe. The response for Christine is God helps those who helps themselves.

Ask Mason to go back to wardroom. At the church, ask the Dungeon frank walkthrough about the book and Joe's answer. Go to Vivian the landlady's Chinese restaurant-apartment. Walkthhrough upstairs and talk to Viv about passports. Viv wants the rental payment first. Dungeon frank walkthrough that Viv wants Christine's jazz records. Give Viv the jazz record from home.

Talk to Viv again. Viv wants photos and 32 ink. Tell her about Bee at the club. Ask about the dungeon frank walkthrough ink. Bernadette gives the 32 ink. Get pictures of Joe and Christine: Jump to Grassi's Office. Check dungeon frank walkthrough papers-folder on table.

undress sex games

There is a photo of Joe and Christine in the folder. Dungeon frank walkthrough to Grassi completely use the scroll arrow. When asked about old arrest report, Grassi looks for it. Christine automatically takes Joe and Christine's photo from folder. Give items to Viv: Go back to Vivian-landlady apartment. Give the ink or photo to Viv. Viv wants blank passports.

Open the lower drawer of the dresser at bottom right of screen. Give dunheon blank passports to Viv. Dungeon frank walkthrough decides on US and Canadian passports. Get 2 fake real hentai games. Open the fridge and Evan points a gun dungeoj Christine. Answer Evan with Joe's phrase - Pack for Mexico. Evan and Joe are now even. Achievement - Hole in one. Use the B key on the open fridge.

Achievement - Got it! Automatically change to Joe. Implement the escape plan: Go to birdman's wardroom across the hallway. Give walkghrough bird book to the Birdman.

Dungeon Frank Nicole

The Birdman knows about Joe. Birdman gives permission for Joe to enter his room. Use the bent nail to free adult cartoon games the cell door.

Click on bed to take bed sheets- rope. In inventory combine all 4 ropes dungeon frank walkthrough you haven't already to make 32 feet of rope. Check the loose window. Use the jack on window to get reminded to do wallthrough Lizard's plan.


Make a head for pillow Lizard's plan: Exit dungeon frank walkthrough Birdman's wardroom. Take a black trash bag-garbage from hallway. Use dummy on Joe's bed. Get out of building: Go to Birdman's window across the hallway. Get gossip and tips. Use the functional car jack on window. Climb the roof and cross it!

Take care of the guard: See the guard on the watch tower.

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